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A group of schoolchildren at an Assistance League uniform event.

WHAT WE DO | $33,950 in grants were awarded to teachers serving 10,000 students.

Feeding and Clothing Children. Enriching Education. Serving our Community.

Grants for Teachers

Assistance League of Minneapolis/St. Paul offers grants to teachers in the Minneapolis School District, the Richfield School District, and to teachers at Maxfield Elementary School and Riverview West Side School of Excellence in St. Paul. These grants, which range up to $750, are for projects that exceed the standard curriculum. Assistance League members review grant applications and conduct classroom visits to the award recipients.

During the 2016-2107 school year, Assistance League of Minneapolis/St. Paul has awarded over $29,000 to teachers that support 43 projects in 26 schools in Minneapolis/St. Paul. It also awarded $3,410 in grants that supported 5 projects in Richfield. Click here to see the projects supported by our Grants for Teachers Program.

Teachers in Minneapolis School District
To apply for a grant in Minneapolis, please download, complete, and submit the current Links to Learning Grant Application - Minneapolis.

Teachers in St. Paul School District
To apply for a grant in St. Paul, please download, complete, and submit the current Links to Learning Grant Application - St. Paul.

Teachers in Richfield School District
To apply for a grant in Richfield, please download, complete, and submit the current Links to Learning Grant Application - Richfield.

Operation School Bell® Clothes for Kids

Operation School Bell®/Clothes for Kids partners with selected Minneapolis and St. Paul public schools to provide new uniforms to economically disadvantaged school children. The goal of the program is to help the children feel better about themselves and be more comfortable attending school. Studies show that appropriate school clothing can improve school attendance and increase classroom performance. Operation School Bell/Clothes for Kids is the only Twin Cities nonprofit clothing program to work directly with the schools to help meet the needs of their students.

Academic All Stars

This program, which works in conjunction with Operation School Bell/Clothes for Kids®, recognizes students in grades
K-8 who achieve specific performance levels determined by their teachers. Recipients of this award receive Academic All-Star shirts and much-prized Academic All-Star wristbands.

Food for Kids

To address the needs of hungry kids in North Minneapolis, Assistance League established Food for Kids in early 2012. Each Thursday, members meet at our warehouse to pack nutritious food into eco-friendly tote bags, which are then delivered to two north Minneapolis schools. Children take home food for the weekend that provides them with 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches and 3 dinners, plus some snacks.

Early Childhood Literacy

This program encourages preschool and early elementary age children to read. Each week volunteers read stories to the children and help them select a book to borrow for a week. Because the participating school does not have a library, children are also taught about library principles by borrowing books and returning them on time.  Books are provided for the children's home libraries, an author visits the classrooms, and occasional field trips enhance the learning experience.

Assault Survivor Kits®

Sexual assault survivors are often discharged from emergency rooms with only a hospital gown to wear because their clothes are needed as evidence. Assistance League seeks to ease some of the immediate stress and emotional pain by providing Sexual Assault Survivor Kits. We work in partnership with the Minnesota Hospital Association to provide these kits free of charge to hospital emergency rooms throughout Minnesota. Each kit includes a T-shirt, sweatpants, underwear, toothbrush, comb and shampoo.

Community Outreach

This program allows Assistance League of Minneapolis/St. Paul to meet a range of needs on a one-time or short-term basis. This enables our organization to react to requests from the community for goods or services in a flexible manner. It also allows Assistance League to collaborate with other charitable organizations, school, city or county programs as needed.

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Operation School Bell®/Literacy+

Operation School Bell/Literacy+ supplies tutors for school children to help them read at grade level. Studies show that students who are strong readers have a significantly greater chance for academic success. This program also provides books for children’s home libraries and books and reference materials for school libraries. In addition, the program hosts an event designed to encourage family involvement with their children’s education.

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